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Video editor for WEB masters!

Video editor for WEB masters

I want to tell you about VideoCharge Studio

This software is mainly intended for WEB masters who work with video content. VideoCharge Studio based on VideoCharge Full and Watermark Master (their symbiosis), includes all necessary functions for everyday work of WEB master.

Telling about all software features can take a lot of time, so I want to describe those ones which are more popular for WEB masters work.

  • Splitting video into several parts

    Of course, it is the first task for any WEB master: take a large size video, split it into some parts and upload them on the site. VideoCharge Studio allows you to do all this:

    • Split video into several parts by the time or according to specified number of parts.

    • It is a rare occasion when all parts of split video are used. Mainly some more successful video parts are uploaded and the rest video is split for nothing. VideoCharge Studio allows you to select necessary fragment before splitting and split them off.

    • Whatever computer you have it will take some time to create a new video file. It is necessary to decode each frame and then code them again. But if you don't need to change video file format, VideoCharge Studio can help you to split video in "without reencoding" mode. This operation will not decode/code all frames, it will edit video file within minutes and save 100% of original video quality.

    How to split video file?

  • Of course, in order to organize a web-video gallery you need to create thumbnails for each created video file. Thumbnails will help a client to see what kind of video you have in your gallery. VideoCharge Studio also can help you to accomplish this task.

  • File names and paths

    Are you going to create one or two hundred of files and thumbnails for them and after that spend several hours renaming the files and locate them in the folders?
    Applying VideoCharge Studio you don't need to do so any more. A flexible file names creation mechanism depended on variables will allow you to locate and name created files as it is necessary for your site.

    Setting directories and filenames for created files.

  • HTML pages generation and FTP client

    Generally speaking, using VideoCharge Studio you can pass on 100% of WEB site creation to the application. Particularly you can generate HTML pages. It is enough for you to create a page template, input our variables into this template and press RUN.

    VideoCharge Studio supports both simple video play (video is displayed by click on the link in a player installed at a client) and FLASH code generation to play video by the Flash Player.

    You can also upload all created video files on your site using our FTP client.

    How to create WEB site to view video file?

  • Video protection

    If you have a public site and probably you don't want to let somebody else use your video on their sites without your permission, you can protect your video data. The most common way to protect your video files is using watermarks (translucent text with the name of your site or your logotype).

    VideoCharge Studio allows you to create video with watermarks added to each frame. As opposed to other programs, VideoCharge Studio includes a wide set of features for effective video protection:

    How to add watermark to video or graphic file?

  • Embedding commercial films

    Last time it is popular to embed commercial films about your site in the beginning of your video. VideoCharge Studio includes video editing functions and will let you to perform this operation with any number of video files.

    How to embed a video clip or image to a begin of video file?

  • Files, files, files

    If you have a large site and a lot of files which should be processed, so it will be a time consuming task to work with each file separately.

    Using VideoCharge Studio you can:

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Publication date: 06.14.2018
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