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Release 2.12
What's New in Version 2.0

What's New in Version 2.0

Watermark Master v.2.0 includes broad changes in user interface, functionality and reference system. Version 2.0 provides new features, documentation, full-blown Wizard, bug-fix for the previous version of the program and support of new file formats.


The main new features are:


  1. Ability to split video files. Now a video file of any supported format can be split into smaller clips of equal duration, into specified number of equal parts or by selected timelines. Also there is a flexible set of parameters that allows to adjust split mechanism to everybody's needs. When used in conjunction with Thumbnails Creation feature, Split may be eminently useful for creation of web galleries.


  1. Documentation. Version 2.0 includes a Help file that describes all aspects of Watermark Master usage. It helps to quickly get answers to any questions about the program and describes its common and advanced features in detail.


  1. Wizard. New full-blown Wizard provides access to all application features. It doesn't expect any special knowledge from users; to complete any operation, one should simply follow the instructions provided by Wizard. Using it, one can preview added watermarks, preview the results of montage operations, apply styles, etc. The Wizard is organized in such a way as to minimize the number of steps and include all features without exception.


  1. Supported formats. Now the following graphic formats are supported:


    • PhotoShop Data (*.psd)

    • JPEG 2000 (*.j2k, *.jp2, *.jpc, *.pgx)

    • TGA (*.tga)

    • PCX (*.pcx)

    • ICO (*.ico)

    • WBMP Files (*.wbmp)

    • Sun Raster (*.ras)

    • My Image Format (*.mif)

    • Portable Graymap (*.pgm, *.ppm)


Files of all these formats, except for JPEG 2000, are supported only as source files (that is they can be used for creation of watermarks, etc). JPEG 2000 is supported as both source and target format.


  1. Styles. To simplify the process of video montage and adjustment of watermarks' appearance and behavior, we recommend making use of styles. For instance, if you need to insert a still with some text on it at the beginning of movie, you may simply select the corresponding style and input the required text. Similarly, you can make a watermark first appear, then disappear until the end of movie. In case of necessity you can edit any parameter of the style as well as create, save and apply your own styles.


  1. Montage. Now it is possible to add individual watermarks with individual dynamic effects to every added scene, which enables to create valuable video headers, video credites, etc.


  1. Mechanisms of watermark's display. With Watermark Master 2.0, one can realize complex protection of video content using multiple watermarks and dynamic effects. The program enables to make watermarks sometimes appear, sometimes disappear (in specified order or randomly) during the produced video playback. Adding multiple watermarks of different types and applying various effects, it is possible to create videos from which one can hardly remove your commercials.


  1. Text watermark. A text file can be used as the source for text watermark so that all strings of the text file will be displayed one after another during a preset time with specified pause between displays.


  1. Ability to create high DPI graphic files.


  1. User interface improvements.


  1. Expanded capabilities for creation of WMV files.


  1. Transparent Mask effect. The new effect allows to display a specified watermark's area (e.g. cirle) instead of the whole watermark, which may prove to be especially useful when working with Video watermarks.


  1. Several new types of the Fade effect. Now the parameters of watermark's appearance and disappearance are still more flexible.


  1. New timeline options. In version 2.0 the end point of a timeline can be specified relative to the end of the source video file. For example, if you have several video files of different duration, you can put a watermark onto them so that the watermark will disappear 3 seconds before the end of playback of any produced file.


  1. Application of filters. In contrast to the previous version, Watermark Master 2.0 provides ability to apply filters not only to source files, but also to the added watermarks of any type. This feature may be especially useful when adding Video watermarks.


Also we are pleased to announce the release of WatermarkMaster SDK v.2.0! The new version includes the following changes and improvements:


  1. Support of all features of Watermark Master 2.0

  2. Interfaces for working with video montage and code examples

  3. Support of C# and code examples

  4. Support of VB and code examples

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