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Remove watermark from the video.

In order to remove some fragments from a video file, it could be enough to use method of compensation of image pixels by neighbor pixels. This method is effective enough when it is necessary to delete not large artifacts.

VideoCharge Studio allows you to delete objects from video files using method of compensation of image pixels by neighbor pixels.

How to remove watermark from the video?

  • In the "Workspace" select an output format.

  • Add initial video or graphic files using the button on the toolbar.

  • In the "Workspace" select any of the added files and open "Watermark" of the main window.

  • Add Eraser object using the button on the toolbar:

  • Set Eraser position by move it to a necessary place on the screen:

  • Specify properties in the "Properties":

    Mask parameter has the following values:

    • Preprocessing (for video only).
      This parameter allows you to select object outline, you want to delete, as precise as possible. Before creating video, the software performs a verification of all video frames to precisely calculate an outline of a static object. "Time Cell" parameter allows you to set options of verification: for all frames - select All Video, for the first fragment only - select Custom Time.

    • Color.
      If an artifact has a solid color, you can specify this color for calculation of outline of the object you want to delete. Tolerance parameter sets a width of color range which is the nearest to the selected color and can be used to determine the outline.

    • No Mask.
      This is the simplest and quickest method when mask is not used but an outline is the Eraser object size. In this case for better work it is necessary to fit the Eraser object size as precise as possible to the size of the object you want to delete.

  • Press "Generation" button to create files:

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