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Blur some part of the image or video.

If you want to hide some details on a frame or image, it is possible to blur a certain area of an image, use pixelization, or overlay an area with a black-box.

VideoCharge Studio allows you to blur a necessary image area, add pixelization or draw a black-box (see here). At the same time, it is possible to set timeline for a video file: time when a certain image area should be blurred, or pixelization or a black-box should be applied. Blur area can move while video file is playing.

How to blur area of the image or video?

  • In the "Workspace" select an output format.

  • Add initial video or graphic files using the button on the toolbar.

  • In the "Workspace" select any of the added files and open "Watermark" of the main window.

  • Add Blur object using the button on the toolbar:

  • Specify a position of the Blur object by moving it to a necessary place on the screen.

    Use drag&drop to move the Blur object.

  • Specify necessary properties in the "Properties":

    • Type
      This parameter has two values:

      • Blur - an area will be blurred.
        Strength parameter sets strength of blur.

      • Pixelate: Mosaic - pixelization will be applied.
        Cell parameter sets a cell size.

    • To set timeline see see here

    • To record object movement see here

  • Press "Generation" button to create files:

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How to remove watermark from video?
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