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Add watermark on the base of Animations of GIF images.

Watermark can be static, for example a text or a graphic file, or dynamic and bases on a small video clip or animated file (animation of GIF images). In this case, a dynamic watermark is played simultaneously with the video file.

VideoCharge Studio allows you to add watermarks on the base of video or GIF file.

How to add a watermark using a video file or animation of GIF images?

  • Select an output video format.

    If there is no necessary output format, you should add it:

  • Open "Watermark" window of the main window.

  • Add a watermark using the button on the toolbar.

  • In the appeared window specify a path to the video file or animation you want to use.

  • Select the added watermark. You can specify its properties in the Properties window:

    • Path
      a path to a file which will be used as a watermark.

    • Angle
      an angle of watermark slope.

    • Transparency
      watermark transparency amount.

    • Resize
      watermark size.

    • Repeat
      a number of repeats. This option can have one of the following values:
      • Infinite: infinite number of repeats.
      • Single: a single repeat.

    • Include Audio
      add a audio stream of the video watermark while creating a video file (in case when a video file which is used as a video watermark has an audio stream).

    • Transparent Color
      select a color you want to make transparent.

  • Add initial files where the watermarks will be drawn in. For that, click on the toolbar button:

  • Click "generation" button to start creation of your files.

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