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Extract scene out of the video.

VideoChrage Studio allows you to select a part of video and create a clip on its base.
You can specify any number of parts in each video file.

In order to extract a scene out of the video file, you need to do the following:
  • Add a video file you need to cut the fragment from. You can use menu "File->Add Files…" or toolbar button:


  • Add output video format to create a video clip. You can use menu:

    If the format is already added, select it in "Workspace".

  • Select the added file in the "Workspace". The file will be displayed in the "Preview".

  • Select the video file in "Preview". A sequence of file frames will appear in "Timeline Window".

  • Using mouse, click on Timeline boundary and specify necessary position by moving the boundary.

Now, after you specified a fragment of video, you can click on "File->Start Generation" (or click on toolbar button) to create a video clip on its base.

If you need to create one more video clip based on another part of video, just select the file you created in "Preview", copy it and past. After that repeat step 5.

You can also use menu command "Galleries->Create a new Video Clip" (or click on toolbar button). This command is similar to copying of an element.

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