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Working with VideoCharge Studio via command-line interpreter.

VideoCharge Studio allows you to run file generation process in command-line interpreter.

To work in command-line interpreter you need to do the following:
  • Run VideoCharge Studio, customize all necessary settings for video coding, thumbnails creation, etc.

  • Save configuration file by selecting menu File->Save. A file with .VSC extension will be created, e.g. MyConfig.vsc

  • Applying a command-line interpreter (or in a batch file - a file with .BAT extension) type the following command:

              vcstudio.exe /c MyConfig.vsc
This command runs VideoCharge Studio for generation files according to MyConfig.vsc. configuration file.

In order to set files, you want to edit, use the following command:

              vcstudio.exe /c MyConfig.vsc /f c:\1.avi /f 2.avi
where parameter /f c:\1.avi is a path to file you want to edit.

In order to process a directory with files, use the following command:
              vcstudio.exe /c MyConfig.vsc /d c:\movie\*.avi
where parameter /d c:\movie\*.avi is a path to the directory with files you want to process. If you need to filter files, use different file name masks or use *.* to process all files.

To edit DVD, enter the following command:
              vcstudio.exe /c MyConfig.vsc /dvd c:\myDVD\
where parameter /dvd D:\ is a path to a directory with DVD content or a path to your DVD-ROM.

To set directories where all newly created files will be saved to, use parameter /o, for example:
              vcstudio.exe /c MyConfig.vsc /f c:\1.avi /o c:\out_dir
In this case, all creating files will be saved to c:\out_dir directory, if the absolute path wasn't predefined in the configuration file.

To set a path to a log file, use parameter /l, for example:
              vcstudio.exe /c MyConfig.vsc /f c:\1.avi /l c:\log.txt
A file named c:\log.txt will contain information about newly created files, errors, etc.

To join video files, use parameter /j, for example:
              vcstudio.exe /c MyConfig.vsc /j /f c:\1.avi /f c:\2.avi /f c:\3.avi
To get help, use the following command
              vcstudio.exe /?
To run a process in silent mode, use the following command
              vcstudio.exe /c MyConfig.vsc /silent
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