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What is thumbnail? How to make thumbnail?
Thumbnail is a small graphic file which is used on HTML pages as decreased image of a graphic file or a video frame. Most of all user clicks on this image to view a video or to open the image in full size.

Creating thumbnails for graphic files is a very simple task. There is a lot of software for graphic files editing. Many applications allow user to create thumbnails for groups of files and this makes the work much quicker. VideoCharge Studio provides the same ability.

When it is necessary to process a video file, there is a number of reasons why this task becomes more complex:

  • The number of applications which can create thumbnails for video files is by an order lower. The number of applications which process groups of files is much less.

  • It is necessary to select a frame for thumbnail: which frame should be used for creating a thumbnail? By default, the application uses the first frame, but what if a user needs the 10th frame? What if users want to select the frames by themselves?

  • It is necessary to create groups of thumbnails (5 or more) for some video files.

  • The last, it is common to create thumbnails consisted of several video frames for video on the torrent sites, adding meta descriptions.

All the described reasons are not a hurdle for the VideoCharge Studio application, one of the best in the represented field. This application has a very wide range of tools for creating thumbnails both for video and graphic files. There is a possibility to automate Thumbnails creating process: it is possible to create several thumbnails at once, process folders with files, work via the command line, find the best frame, and create video at the same time.

Follow the link to find more details about:

Use the step-by-step user guide to simply extract frames from a video file. It is possible to extract either all frames or frames by select query.


Use step-by-step user guide to create a graphic file. This is the simplest way to quickly and easily create thumbnails for groups of graphic files.


Use step-by-step user guide to perform video conversion, for example into FLV format, simultaneously with creating thumbnails for each created video file.


Use step-by-step user guide to create several thumbnails for a video file. For example, to create a thumbnail each 10 seconds?


Use step-by-step user guide to create thumbnail for video file torrent.


Except the described features, the VideoCharge Studio includes a visual interface to give users an ability to select a frame as precise as possible, delete a bad frame, improve the picture applying filters, add watermarks to video or thumbnails, use wizards and so on. And the main thing, the application works with all video formats, folders with files and DVD.

See also: VideoCharge Studio. Features.

Publication date: 03.09.2019
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