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Advanced Features
How to display a watermark multiple times?

How to Display a Watermark Multiple Times?

By default only one timeline is assigned to each watermark, which makes all watermarks appear and disappear only once. But sometimes you may want the same watermark to be displayed multiple times, for example, appear every 1 minute for 3 seconds. Let's see what can we do about it.



Using Timeline Mode.


First, each watermark includes "Timeline Mode" parameter that defines the logic of watermark's display in accordance with the specified timeline. This parameter can take one of the following values:


  1. Single - if selected, the watermark will be displayed only once in accordance with the specified timeline.

  2. Multiply - if selected, the watermark will be displayed multiple times. First it will be displayed in accordance with the specified timeline. After that the watermark will disappear (for the time defined by the "Timeline Pause" parameter) and appear over and over again, until the end of the video file.

  3. Random - if selected, the watermark will randomly appear the specified number of times. The number of times is defined by the "Number of Displays" parameter.


Whatever mode you choose, don't forget to edit the watermark's timeline properly. Each time the watermark appears, it will be displayed for the time equal to the duration of the specified timeline.



Using Fade.


Second, each watermark can be affected by the Fade dynamic effect. This effect can be applied multiple times, which allows to make the watermark hide and appear repeatedly.



Using text watermark's advanced features.


Third, if you want to display several different text strings for the same time and with the same pause between them, make use of the text watermark.


Create a text file with several text strings inside. Then add a text watermark and set its parameters as follows:


Type = "Text file"

Path = [path to the text file]

Content = "Split content into lines"

Split Type = "By Time"


Now edit the watermark's timeline to define the start point and duration of the first string's display.


In the produced file the strings will be shown one after another. The pause between them is defined by the "Pause Time" parameter.



Finally, let's consider the situation when you need to display several different strings not regularly, but for the specified time (i.e. create subtitles). Here the text watermark comes to our help again.


Now it is necessary to create a SRT file. It has a very simple structure. For example:



00:00:04,000 --> 00:00:07,000

First string



00:00:09,000 --> 00:00:12,000

Second string


With the above SRT file, "First string" and "Second string" will be displayed from 4-th to 7-th second and from 9-th to 12-th second correspondingly.


Then add a text watermark and set its parameters as follows:


Type = "SRT file"

Path = [path to the SRT file]


When using an SRT file as the source for a text watermark, the watermark's timeline will be ignored. However, it can be used when applying dynamic effects to the watermark.

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