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VideoCharge Studio
Release 2.12
Working with Watermark Master
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     First Steps
     Working with Profiles
     Adding Source Files
     Setting Destination Folder
     Resizing Videos and Pictures
     Enhancing Videos and Pictures
     Cropping Videos and Pictures
     Setting Timelines for Videos
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     Converting Videos and Pictures
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     Batch processing.
         Creating Your First Watermark
         Adding Text Watermark
         Adding Image Watermark
         Adding Video or Animated GIF Watermark
         Adding Rectangle Watermark
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         Positioning and Resizing Watermarks
         Working with Styles
         Editing Watermark's Timeline
         Working with Multiple Watermarks
         How to Display a Watermark Multiple Times?
         Applying Filters
         Applying Effects
         Applying Dynamic Effects
     Video Montage
     Output format settings
Advanced Features
Position and size your watermarks

Positioning and Resizing Watermarks

After adding a watermark and adjusting its properties, it is necessary to position the watermark on the image. For that you may click and drag the watermark or make use of the Watermark Position Control.



Setting relative position.


Sometimes you need to process a large quantity of videos (or pictures) that may have different frame size (dimensions). To avoid setting the position of the watermark individually for each source file, you may set the position relatively.


Position of a watermark is calculated relative to one of nine predetermined points (you can see them on the Watermark Position Control):


  • Left-Top

  • Left-Middle

  • Left-Bottom

  • Center-Top

  • Center-Middle

  • Center-Bottom

  • Right-Top

  • Right-Middle

  • Right-Bottom


At the foot of the control you can set the X and Y offset relative to the selected point.


For example, let's assume you want a watermark to be placed at the right bottom corner of all source videos, regardless of their frame size. For that you need to add the watermark, select the Right-Bottom point and set both the X and Y offset, say, to "10".





The initial size of a watermark may depend on the font size (for text watermarks), source graphic file's dimensions (for Image watermarks), etc. Watermark Master provides ability to resize watermarks of any type.


Each watermark possesses the Resize parameter, the value of which can be changed in the "Properties" window. Using this parameter in combination with the "Parameter" dynamic effect, you can, for example, make the watermark smoothly contract to the size of a spot and expand back to its initial size.

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VideoCharge Studio is a video editing software which enables to put a number of watermarks of different types onto a graphics file or every frame of a video film per one pass.

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